StreamingFast Substreams & Firehose revenues for May 2024

Starting last month, StreamingFast has been passing through its indexer on the Network all Substreams & Firehose usage-related payments received from paying users. This is to show the world a better representation of the economic activity that the Graph Network is already generating, even while Firehose and Substreams are not yet fully native data services (but will be soon!).

Keen observers may have noticed that the StreamingFast Indexer has “moved up the ranking” according to the default sorting on The Graph Explorer page of Indexers. This is due to the default sorting being based on Query Fees.

In the coming days, we plan to pass through the next payment, which will move us up in the default sorting to the top rank. For greater clarity, we are not doing this in any way for the ranking, it is a side effect that we discovered after the fact. So we wanted to make this post to ensure everyone understood our motivation, and see if there is perhaps a better default sorting (or some other solution) that Indexers/Delegators would prefer to see on The Graph Explorer.

Let the query fees flow, and let’s keep giving the blockchain developer community easy access to the data they need to grow!


How are you passing through those fees?
Any guides you can share for all of us to replicate? Or is it all kept secret so nobody can do the same? :slightly_smiling_face:

We at StakeSquid would also love to pass through all the fees we get from private contracts and DRPC fees.

I’m sure others would love to do this as well!