Substreams reach General Availability


The Substreams engine developed for The Graph Network has reached General Availability! It is deemed ready for production & will now be officially supported by StreamingFast!

Substreams have acquired powerful parallelization capabilities, turning it into a full-blown distributed processing system, akin to BigQuery - where, instead of SQL, you get to pass in WASM code to transform & aggregate data over the chain’s history + live incoming blocks.

Both the software & the service will be hosted by us & the first supported networks will include Ethereum & Polygon.

Endpoints to Substreams will be provided until the technology is made available on The Graph’s decentralized network.

Thank you to all the teams & individuals that contributed to the Substreams ecosystem by developing data sinks (or data loaders), providing feedback & beta-tested the software.

Thank you to: Pinax, Messari, Edge & Node, GraphOps and Sebastian Lorenz

This year has also seen the largest growth of protocol integrations that are Firehose-enabled (Substreams-ready), by different teams:

  • Polygon, BNB, NEAR and Solana (by StreamingFast)
  • Cosmos Hub, Osmosis and Juno (by Figment)
  • Arweave (by ChainSafe)
  • Antelope (by Pinax)
  • Aptos (by Aptos)
  • StarkNet (by zkLend)

And work is completed (by ChainSafe) to enable the Erigon client to speak Firehose