The Graph Apparel

There was some interest in having a place to produce apparel for The Graph community. In telegram ‘GRT Hoodies’ seemed to be the hot topic.

I reached out to @thegraphprotocol on twitter and they recommended that I check with everyone on here if this is something that you guys would want.

If so I would (hopefully) work with a designer with The Graph Foundation that way the clothes etc. meets design guidelines.

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Just to share my thoughts here. I love that people want to get involved creating and selling swag. I think it’s in the right kind of entrepreneurial spirit to grow the community and is a win win.

The main thing I think we want to protect against is 1) bad designs 2) bad craftsmanship hurting the brand. The Graph is known for its worldclass design and the Edge & Node design team and operations folks make sure that everything that comes out is a full expression of The Graph’s brand.

How do we scale distribution of swag so that more people can participate in the distribution and profits from selling swag while maintaining brand guidelines and quality?

One option is that all designs go through a review process with the Edge & Node design team or other design teams that rise to prominence in the community. I also think it’s worth providing input on the materials to make sure that there aren’t poor quality The Graph branded products floating around. Would that make sense to people? What tradeoff do we want to strike between decentralization of swag and quality control?

Appreciate everyone’s thoughts!


Designs could be submitted and voted on, then anyone is free to produce and distribute the approved design.

There could be a voting system on this, but I don’t think that many would take the time to participate on that without incentive. For now I would support a centralized approval and open market for distribution, then if we want to decentralize quality/design approval I’m all for it. Not sure how many players we have in this currently.