The Graph Council - Meeting #17 Notes

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, The Graph Council held its 17th meeting.


Council Members (“Members”)
Brandon Ramirez
Jim Cousins
Justin Moses
Santiago Palladino
Spencer Noon
Yaniv Tal
Yondon Fu

The Graph Foundation
Eva Beylin, Director, The Graph Foundation (the “Foundation”)

Observer and Note Taker
Observer: Jeremy Sklaroff, Edge & Node Ventures, Inc. (“Edge & Node”)
Note taker: Oliver Zerhusen, the Foundation

Council Business
The meeting commenced at 11:07 am PDT


Grant Discussions

One Foundation member provided an update on a grant initiative aimed to support Ethereum public goods. The Members agreed in principle to support this grant and discussed various forms and degrees of engagement.

User Council Seat

One Foundation member presented the due diligence performed for the User Council Member seat along with a candidate recommendation. The Members agreed to proceed with an async vote on that candidate for the User Council Member seat.

Governance & GIPs

One Member presented an overview of the priorities for governance proposals over the upcoming 30 days. The Members discussed alignment of these proposals with protocol and community needs.

Council Meeting Schedule

The Members discussed different options for future Council meeting cadences. Feedback from Members will be gathered to identify which schedule works best for most Members.