The Graph Council - Meeting #28 Notes

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On Tuesday, April 19, 2022, The Graph Council held its 28th meeting.


Council Members (“Members”)
Gary Morris
Jim Cousins
Justin Moses
Santiago Palladino
Sebastian Siemssen
Spencer Noon
Yaniv Tal
Yondon Fu

The Graph Foundation
Eva Beylin, Director, The Graph Foundation (the “Foundation”)

Observer and Note Taker
Observer: Andrew Domzalski, Edge & Node Ventures, Inc. (“Edge & Node”)
Note taker: Oliver Zerhusen, the Foundation

Council Business
The meeting commenced at 11:02 am PST


Foundation treasury vested token release

The Members went through a final review of the 2022 budget and proposed token release which the Members subsequently approved.


A Foundation member presented an update on a grant proposal aiming to develop standards for high quality subgraphs and to lead working groups in The Graph ecosystem. One Member raised questions over the alignment of the grant scope relative to its proposed size. Other Members expressed fundamental agreement to the framework of the grant, but supported the need to better understand detailed deliverables of the grant. The Members agreed to continue with discussions on the proposal and to work with the potential grantee to further expand on defining the grant scope.

Council Charter

The Members discussed detailed modifications to the current language specifying mitigations to Conflict of Interests as they may emerge from time to time. The Members agreed to consult legal expertise on this clause, as well as with regards to the Council Charter overall, in an effort to align with current best practices in the web3 ecosystem.

Governance & GIPs

A Foundation member presented the scope of GIP-0028, a protocol improvement proposal that has received broad feedback from the community over the last couple of weeks. One Member summarized the key concern from the Indexer community coming down to the requirement of generating >0 query fees in order to qualify for receiving Indexing Rewards when closing an allocation. The Members acknowledged that there are legitimate cases where Indexers may not be able to generate query fees in some situations, which may thus result in undue economic punishment for Indexers. The Members gained consensus that the removal of this requirement in the proposal would help broaden support for GIP-0028 in the community.