The Graph Council - Meeting #9 Notes

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On Tuesday, July 13, 2021, The Graph Council held its 9th meeting.


Council Members (“Members”)
Michael Anderson
Jim Cousins
Yondon Fu
Gary Morris
Spencer Noon
Brandon Ramirez
Santiago Palladino
Yaniv Tal

The Graph Foundation
Eva Beylin, Director, The Graph Foundation (the “Foundation”)

Note Taker
Observer: Jeremy Sklaroff, Edge & Node Ventures, Inc. (“Edge & Node”)
Note Taker: Oliver Zerhusen, The Graph Foundation (the “Foundation”)

Council Business
The meeting commenced at 11:02 am PDT.


GIPs & Protocol Updates

A Foundation member provided an overview of the current in-progress GIP discussions and developments. A Delegator Experience Enhancement workshop is currently in progress to consolidate delegator feedback and develop a roadmap as a signal for what the community views as most important protocol enhancements with regards to delegation experience. The Members discussed the details of the current GIP draft Stable Delegation Rewards Yields. A Member raised the need for more community feedback and involvement on this GIP, as it represents a more significant protocol update that may also impact various reports and dashboards across the community.

A Member presented that there are currently two different GIPs in development aimed to improve economic parameters for curation and subgraph updates. The proposal will be posted in the Forum for community feedback once the first drafts are completed.


A Member mentioned the Arbitration Charter and the need for final updates to be made, following which it is suggested to be voted on for ratification. Another Member emphasized the need for clarity on Arbitration rules and guidance for current disputes and that ratification of the Arbitration Charter is therefore time sensitive. One Member mentioned that the first dispute was settled last week with an outcome of a draw.

Curation Launch Update

A Member provided live insights into the Graph Explorer and the subgraphs currently deployed on mainnet. The Members discussed the dynamics from the first day of curation launch and the negative impacts created by actors who did not coordinate deployment with official members of the associated dApps. The Members acknowledged that the curator community has quickly learned to overcome these challenges, as it can be evidenced today by the most signaled subgraphs being supported/deployed by the official teams of the dApps. A Member raised that benefits can arise from establishing behavioral norms and reputation within the curator community, as a way to progressively strengthen confidence and trust in subgraph signal volumes.

A new curation telegram chat has been formed by community members and has become a very active place for curators to organize themselves. A Forum post has been created in which curators can provide feedback on early impressions and suggestions for improving the curator experience.

Wave 2 Grants Update

The Foundation director confirmed that the Wave 2 grants were officially announced earlier today (The Graph Foundation allocates over $2.8 Million to Grants & Ecosystem Support in Wave 2). A particular emphasis in this wave has been put on subgraph development grants to support the launch and adoption of the decentralized mainnet with Graph Explorer & Subgraph Studio.

Core Dev Grants

The Members explored opportunities for future Core Dev grants.