The Graph's Community Talk #10

Join The Graph Community Talk meeting to get all the latest updates from The Graph ecosystem and protocol, happening on Tuesday, April 19th @ 8am PST.

We are covering a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and are providing you with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. The meeting will be held in the Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server. Tip: go to the Events channel at the top of the Discord server and set yourself a reminder for The Graph’s Community Talk.

This month’s discussion topics include:

  • Wave 5 Grants
    @reemchahrour joins with an update on the highlights of Wave 5 Grantees!

  • Introducing Graph AdvocatesDAO *
    The Graph has begun the DAOification of its ecosystem. The Graph AdvocatesDAO launched on April 5th with 20 members of the initial cohort of the Advocates Program. The DAO is now stewarding the Community Grants and Advocates Program. We’ll talk about the DAO’s mission, goals, and how you can engage, brought to you by current members of the DAO.

  • The Graph’s R&D Roadmap
    Last month, The Graph Foundation shared The Graph R&D Roadmap, a collaborative plan being executed by contributors from around the world, including Edge & Node, StreamingFast, Figment, The Guild, Semiotic AI, GraphOps, LimeChain, BlockScience, Prysm Group and other independent researchers. We’ll go over the highlights of the roadmap and working groups.

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

You can find this and all other community events on the ecosystem calendar here and feel free to subscribe to the calendar to stay up-to-date on future events.



In Community Talk #10 we listen to Oceanpoint’s experience transitioning from a centralized service to The Graph, get wave 5 grant updates, learn about Graph Advocates DAO, hear experiences of current graph advocates and get a breakdown of the recently released R&D roadmap.

Topics Include:

  • Oceanpoint’s Experience with The Graph
  • Wave 5 Grant Updates
    • Funding Breakdown
  • Graph AdvocatesDAO
    • Graph Advocates Recap
  • R&D Roadmap

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

OceanPoint (2:05)

Oceanpoint, a grantee, talked about their success in switching from a centralized service to utilizing The Graph’s decentralized service. Oceanpoint is a DAO that connects the worlds 9.6 trillion real estate investment market to the DeFi space and allows businesses of all types to digitize the value of their real estate properties. Once they made the transition to The Graph, the were able to shorten development times and reap the benefits a decentralized service has to offer.

Wave 5 Grant Updates (7:50)

Wave 5 grantees received over $1.25M in grants with $912,000 dedicated to community grants funding. Stewardship of community grants will now be passed to Graph AdvocatesDAO, which will oversee all community grants up to $20,000.

Funding Breakdown

Funding Category Funding Amount
Protocol Infrastructure $151K
Tooling $69K
Dapps & Subgraphs $129K
Community Building $912K

To apply for a grant, click here!

Graph AdvocatesDAO (14:10)

The Graph AdvocatesDAO is a community governing body that that acts as a steward for the Graph Advocates Program and community grants. Community grants up to a threshold of 20,000 will now be received and approved by the Graph AdvocatesDAO.

“The mission of the Graph AdvocatesDAO is to drive greater participation in building a decentralized web3 and grow The Graph ecosystem by supporting community-based initiatives and through contributions of Graph Advocates.” - Mission Statement for Graph AdvocatesDAO

Graph AdvocatesDAO was awarded a Seed Grant of $250,000 to the DAO treasury to be used to fund community grants, DAO member contributions to the DAO itself and fund reimbursements of Advocate activities.

Graph Advocates Recap

The Graph Advocates program is a community-led initiative to introduce people all around the world to web3. Advocates will have the opportunity to contribute directly to their local communities, the web3 mission, and the future of The Graph ecosystem. Have a look at one of the roles you can take on as an advocate:

Event Evangelist
Host local events, attend regional events and participate in in-person or online community events.

Content Creator
Create content about web3 and The Graph, including articles, videos, infographics, memes or GIFs.

Text Translator
Translate The Graph and other community documentation, material and social posts into other languages.

Community Care
Post answers to questions or share educational resources in The Graph Forum, Telegram, Discord or Reddit.

Technical Teacher
Teach others how to actively participate and contribute in web3 and The Graph ecosystem.

Web 3 Welcomer
Accelerate greater education and adoption of web3 and The Graph throughout the world.

The path to The Graph Advocates is short and the barrier to entry is low. Graph AdvocatesDAO’s advocate committee is currently reviewing applications. The list of new advocates should be released by the end of this month!

R&D Roadmap (38:00)

The Graph’s R&D roadmap was recently released. The roadmap breaks down the different working groups across the core development teams and their respective foci. During the call, Derek (Data Nexus) broke down the R&D roadmap for community members to understand. There are currently 5 working groups:

Data & APIs
The Data & APIs working group foucses on Indexing Performance, Firehose development, The Graph Client, new data sources and the subgraph developer experience.

The SNARK force is working towards verifiable indexing and queries in order to make The Graph the best option for historical data (EIP-4444). They also are working on scalar upgrades with zkproofs.

Protocol Economics
The Protocol Economics working group is focused on economic improvements (bonding curves, tax, rebates, query settlement, signal renting) for all network participants as well as L2 protocol scaling and protocol simulation.

Protocol & Network Operations
The protocol & network operations working group is focused on automating the protocol and protocol engineering.

Indexer Experience
The Indexer Experience working group is focused on continued enhancements to automated cost modelling, POI cross-checking, intelligent Indexer software and Indexer Orchestration and automation.

To hear updates from these working groups, attend the monthly Core Research and Development call. The Graph ecosystem calendar has call times and links to the call!

Stay Tuned!

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