The Graph's Community Talk #13


The Graph’s Community Talk #13 was held on Tuesday, July 19th @8AM PST.

The Graph’s Community Talk covers a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and provides attendees with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. The meetings are held in the Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server. Tip: go to the Events channel at the top of the Discord server and set yourself a reminder for The Graph’s Community Talk.

Community Talk #13 features general updates from GraphAdvocatesDAO, a segment on job openings within The Graph ecosystem, a brief educational segment on curation and a presentation from each of the two latest core development teams – Messari and GraphOps.

Topics Include:

  • Messari Presentation
  • GraphAdvocatesDAO Updates
  • GraphOps Presentation
  • The Graph is Hiring!
  • Curation Review

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

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Messari Introduction (00:55)

Messari recently joined The Graph core devs as a core subgraph development team. They have been tasked with developing and maintaining high quality standardized subgraphs. Find out more below on what a “standardized subgraph” is.

Standardized Subgraphs

Messari has created a standardized subgraph schema to provide a consistent experience for the builder and consumer. Usually, when data is ingested, consumers need to write custom queries for different subgraphs. When subgraph schemas are standardized, the same query can be used for multiple subgraphs. This will unlock scalability and save time for developers utilizing The Graph. Check out the list of Messari subgraphs here:

Messari’s List of Subgraphs

GraphAdvocatesDAO Updates (07:50)

Third Wave
Last week, the third wave of advocates were onboarded to total over 180 active advocates.

Community Grants
The community grants program is live! Now, when grant proposals are created, they will automatically appear in the forum. You can view, vote, and comment on grant proposals here! The grant review process will also be transparent with community inclusivity throughout the process.

Advocate Benefits
There are many benefits to becoming a Graph Advocate. As an advocate, you get to participate and build the scalable processes of The GraphAdvocatesDAO. There are also many other benefits such as Learning Series, networking, and mentoring from DAO members.

Community Calendar
A new community calendar is available here, and will appear at the end of the notes below!

Apply to become an advocate today!

GraphOps (25:00)

Along with Messari, Graph Ops is one of the latest teams to receive a core development grant. They will focus on improving protocol economics and network operations, core development initiatives, the Indexer Experience, and by developing the Gossip Network.

Protocol Economics and Network Operations
Graph ops will work to improve subgraph curation by reducing completity, improving curation economics and reducing risk and increasing the value of signals. The Epoch Block Oracle, which unlocks multi-chain integration will also be a focus of Graph Ops. They will be working in collaboration with Edge & Node by focusing on the development of a subgraph that will index the binary payloads submitted to the Epoch Block Oracle’s Data Edge contract.

Core Development
The GraphOps team will continue to develop and maintain the core network subgraphs. The core network subgraphs index The Graph Network contracts on Ethereum mainnet.

Gossip Network
The Gossip Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer communication tool that Graph Ops is developing. The tool allows Indexers to communicate across the network in real-time, report query and indexing analytics, and facilitate rapid sync negotiations.

Inedexer Experience
GraphOps will provide resources for all Indexers to utilize Kubernetes, regardless of their infrastructure setup.

Indexer Office Hourse
Lastly, GraphOps is the team behind Indexer Office Hours (IOH), which takes place every Tuesday in The Graph’s discord. IOH is a resource where Indexers share knowledge, keep up to date on ecosystem news and network with other Indexers.

The Graph is Hiring! (35:00)

Matt Schwinden, Head of Talent at The Graph Foundation, shared how the community can help fill some of the open positions within The Graph ecosystem.

Look at some of the positions Matt highlighted at the talk below and share them with your friends!

Product Marketing Lead
The Product Marketing Lead will have a background in developer platforms and will launch and lead our product marketing function. They will bridge the Business and R&D teams to streamline Edge & Node’s go to market process.

Engineering Manager
We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated technical engineering manager that will support the individuals on this team and build a culture of collaboration and predictable software delivery. This management position requires a strong understanding of growing teams and processes and will be accountable for the overall team’s performance and quality of software.

Site reliability engineer
We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated SRE expert that can help us develop and automate the various services E&N operates as part of the Graph ecosystem. In this role, you will have the opportunity to drive availability and reliability across multiple engineering teams and work closely with them to ensure the operational aspects of managing services is automated and observable.

Venue and Ecosystem Manager Role
We are looking for a Venue and Ecosystem Manager to take full ownership of all site management duties and responsibilities associated with our space. The person we’re looking for will have a warm, welcoming attitude towards their colleagues and guests, attention to detail, exude operational excellence, be extremely organized, display strong communication skills, and be familiar with programs such as Slack, Notion, Envoy, Eventbrite, and Salesforce.

Find all the open positions here!

Contact Matt here:

Messari and GraphOps’ job postings will be added soon.

Curation (45:06)

There are now 400 subgraphs on Mainnet and 40 different subgraphs that have produced over 1000GRT in query fees!

Curators stake GRT against subgraphs to signal to Indexers that the subgraph needs to be indexed. The importance of a strong community of Curators will quickly grow as more subgraphs migrate to the hosted service over the next quarter. If you are interested in becoming a Curator, there are many resources available to you!

Curation Docs
The Graph Academy
Curation Station Telegram

Stay Tuned!

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