The Graph's Community Talk #16

The Graph’s Community Talk #16 was held on Tuesday, October 20th @8AM PST.

The Graph’s Community Talk covers a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and provides attendees with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings within The Graph ecosystem. The meetings are held in The Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server.

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Community Talk #16 is packed with demos, community updates, learning opportunities and spotlights from Graph Advocates.

Topics Include:

  • Social3 Demo
  • GIP-0039 Review
  • Community Updates
    • Messari Mainnet
    • House of Web3 Grand Opening
    • The Graph AdvocatesDAO Update
    • SubgraphDAO
    • Community Grants
    • Latest Episodes from GRTiQ
  • IndexerDAO
  • Tenderize Demo
  • Recent Events with The Graph

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

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Social3 | Web 3 Hiring Platform (01:18)

Sneha Mishra, a grantee, shared a presentation on Social3, the first web3 social hiring platform. The platform is built on Lens Protocol and utilizes The Graph for their internal badge systems.

The platform allows users to customize their profile, share employment experiences, apply for jobs, refer others for jobs (and get a referral fee as a reward) and cultivate a resume of badges.

Find Mishra’s presentation on Social3 below!

GIP-0039 (11:00)

Community Updates (13:49)

Check out events and updates from the past month within The Graph ecosystem.

Messari Mainnet Sept 21-23rd 2022 | New York

Eva Beylin, Vincent Wen & Ken Yip
Leveraging On-Chain Data

House of Web3 Grand Opening

Oct 27th in San Francisco, California
The Graph is looking for volunteers for the event! If you’re interested in volunteering at the event email noelle@edge&

The Graph AdvocatesDAO

The Graph AdvocatesDAO shared their six month update that showcases their accomplishments and some of what’s coming in the future. Watch it here!


The SubgraphDAO is looking for developers who would like to get involved! If interested, message Colson on The Graph Discord Server.

Community Grants

The community grants program awarded their first grant to GRTDataHub who built a telegram bot that educates new users on The Graph.

Latest Episodes from GRTiQ

Episode 83: Anne Connelly & Chief Nyamweya
Episode 84: David Mihal
Episode 85: Tachi

IndexerDAO (14:15)

A new DAO has entered The Graph ecosystem! IndexerDAO was announced at the community talk and was founded by members of The Graph community.

Pillars of IndexerDAO

  1. Education

IndexerDAO plans to be a resource for all questions related to Indexing. They also hope to bring a form of certification to Indexing that will act as a badge of trust for the community.

  1. Research & Development

IndexerDAO plans to be a resource for developers by performing Indexer infrastructure tests when developers request it. Developers looking to push the boundaries on Indexing sometimes don’t receive as much feedback as the would like. IndexerDAO aims to fix this by implementing new innovations put forth by developers and providing the necessary feedback.

Lastly, IndexerDAO will set up an official Q&A community for Indexers so their questions aren’t overlooked or lost in the crowd.

Join their Discord channel here!

Advocate Spotlight (20:26)

Code Along with Alex

Code Along with Alex is a learning series & coding community that meets every week in The Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord which features topics on Julia, Rust, Docker and Kubernetes.

Saturdays 17:00 UTC

Graph Social

Graph Social is an international web3 meetup where attendees learn about The Graph. Over 100 people attended their meetup in Dubai! Look out for more upcoming events!

Follow Graph Social on Twitter!

Tenderize (27:50)

Tenderize is platform that offers liquid staking for web3 infrastructure protocols including The Graph. Stake your GRT, receive tGRT in return and check in to see your balance increase. All delegations are managed by Tenderize. When ready to exit, swap your tGRT for GRT through TenderSwap liquidity pools. Users can also provide liquidity under the farm tab to earn rewards on transactions.

Tenderize 2.0 is coming soon and will offer many more features. Check out their Twitter to follow along on their development journey.

Recent Events with The Graph (43:00)

EthOnline was a month long remote hackathon taking place in September and happening completely online. The Graph offered $5,000 up for grabs with Slimchance hosting a workshop on building truly decentralized dapps.

Slimchance’s Presentation

EthBogota and DEVCON Bogota

EthBogota and DEVCON Bogota took place in tandem in Bogota, Colombia in early October which also featured a presence from The Graph.

Alexandre Bourget’s Presentation on Substreams for High Performance Indexing

Brandon Ramirez’s Presentation on Supporting the Ethereum Roadmap with a Decentralized Blockchain Data Supply Chain

Stay Tuned!

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