The Graph's Community Talk #27

The Graph’s Community Talk #27 was held on Tuesday, September 19th @8AM PST.

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Community Updates (00:00)

Community Talk #27 highlighted several updates within The Graph Ecosystem. The session began with community updates.

The Graph is a proud sponsor of Messari Mainnet, taking place from September 20th to 22nd. Additionally, the organization will offer bounties and maintain a presence at Eth New York. Representatives from the Graph AdvocatesDAO, Pinax, and Edge & Node attended DappCon Berlin on behalf of The Graph. The community has welcomed 26 new Graph Advocates from countries such as India and the Netherlands, including the first Advocate from Bolivia. In Warri, Nigeria, a hackathon was organized by Graph Advocates, who have also hosted multiple workshops at colleges across India. To make the platform more accessible, Graph Advocates have been busy translating The Graph’s documentation into various languages.

GRTiQ Podcast: 129 Marcus Rein

This episode features Marcus Rein from Edge & Node, who delves into his role in Developer Success and Relations, his unique background in physical health, and his journey from self-taught coder to a key community member at The Graph.

GRTiQ Podcast: 130 Matthew Darwin

This episode features Matthew Darwin, Co-Founder and Chief Infrastructure Officer at Pinax, discussing his journey into web3, Pinax’s critical role in The Graph’s ecosystem, and their contributions to indexing technologies like Firehose and Substreams.

GRTiQ Podcast: 131 Marek Olszewski

This episode features Marek Olszewski, CTO at cLabs and President at Valora, discussing his journey from leaving a PhD program at MIT to founding Locu (later acquired by GoDaddy), as well as the rise of Celo, a leading web3 blockchain, and its proposal to become an L2. Topics range from entrepreneurship to the latest developments in web3 and The Graph.

GRTiQ Podcast: 132 Kevin Jones

This episode features Kevin Jones, Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node, discussing his diverse career journey from graphic design and retail sales at Best Buy to becoming an influential figure in the Ethereum ecosystem, and how he transitioned to a full-time role in web3, leading transformative initiatives and offering insights into open-source projects like Scaffold-ETH and BuildersDAO.

GRTiQ Podcast: 133 Anton Gaev

This episode features a conversation with Anton Gaev, Product Manager for L2s and The Graph at P2P, discussing his extensive web3 experience, his role at one of The Graph’s largest indexers, and insights into the future of Layer 2 solutions.

Transfer Tools (03:11)

What are transfer tools? The Graph has streamlined the L2 migration process and made it 26x cheaper for network participants to contribute to the protocol and migrate to Arbitrum One using L2 Transfer Tools, which offer role-specific steps and helpers to ensure a seamless transfer process while avoiding thawing periods and manual GRT withdrawals. The presentation in this Community Talk covered the use of Transfer Tools in The Graph Explorer – focusing on transferring delegation – and is a much watch for delegators interested in transferring their delegation.

Delegators will see a notification prompting them to migrate their stake, which also includes unrealized rewards, from Layer 1 (L1) to Layer 2 (L2). The migration process takes about 20 minutes and users can switch wallets, such as from MetaMask to Ledger. It’s important to check the capacity of your chosen Indexer to ensure they’re not over-delegated before completing the transaction. Additional tools are available for tracking migration status, and any UI issues can be resolved through links provided in the Discord chat. Current rewards on L2 are at 25%, and as of the presentation, 9% of the total shares have migrated.

Check out these resources from the presentation:

Check Your Transfer

DappLooker Dashboard

Graphtronauts Managing L2 Delegation

New Community Managers (10:15)

The Graph Foundation has expanded its outreach by appointing community managers in key regions such as Latin America, India, and Asia Pacific. These community managers are entrusted with growing the developer community, especially in regions like India, which are hubs for development talent. Working hand in hand in hand, they are actively engaged in organizing events and meetups to facilitate community growth. In some cases, a single community manager is supported by coordinators and internal groups to effectively cover the large regions they are responsible for. The initiative has been active for a few months and is met with positive reception. While currently the focus is on these selected regions, plans are already in the pipeline to further this initiative into Africa. Overall, the community managers aim to act as catalysts in not just growing the community but also facilitating collaborative efforts across different regions.

The Graph in India (19:27)

In this community talk, Pranav shared how The Graph will be visiting 11 major universities as part of Push’s “Billion Reasons to Build” tour, where they will offer workshops to teach how to build subgraphs, a key component of The Graph’s ecosystem. Results from two such workshops showed high levels of engagement and skill development, with hundreds of students successfully building and deploying subgraphs by the end. The effort aims to foster community engagement and position Web3 technology, including The Graph’s services, as a standard in India’s rapidly growing tech ecosystem.

Events and Experiences (26:30)

ETHAccra and DappCon Berlin

ETHAccra and DappCon Berlin were significant events for the Ethereum and The Graph communities. ETH Accra was notable for being the first Ethereum event in West Africa, aiming to foster learning and development in decentralized technologies; The Graph was a major sponsor, and eight out of 15 hackathon teams used The Graph for their projects. DappCon Berlin was another major event, particularly focused on technical aspects, where The Graph also had a strong presence and high engagement, suggesting a growing recognition of The Graph within the broader community. Both events demonstrated effective community engagement and technical support, setting the stage for more such events in the future.

ETH Argentina Side Events
Last month, a significant workshop took place at Eth Buenos Aires, organized in collaboration with Arbitrum and Chainlink. The event aimed to educate developers on building and migrating subgraphs to Arbitrum and featured speakers from GraphOps and Edge & Node. The larger goal is to transition developers from web2 to web3 and recruit Technical Graph Advocates, expanding the network’s reach. This is part of a broader initiative to host similar events across Latin America, focusing on dapps and web3 transition, with the next planned event in ETHMexico.

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This Community Talk was on Tuesday, September 19th not on August 15th.

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We are visiting eleven major universities in India in partnership with Push Protocol thanks to their initiative named “Billion Reasons to Build”.

Next Community Talk will be #28!

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