The Guild December Update

:man_astronaut:t3: Executive Summary

The Guild has been making a lot of progress on various GraphQL features. Now we have formed Graph Tooling Task Force to unify tooling for subgraph developers, provide more resources and take the developer experience to next level for users build on top of Graph.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Retreat:
    • Collaborate with other teams
    • Gather feedback from other Core Devs
    • Create Graph Tooling Task Force - Goal is to
      • Unify tooling for subgraph developers
      • Improve developer experience
      • Create more educational resources
  • graph-node
    • Filtering by Child Entities
    • Add support for AND/OR filters
    • Add metrics around GraphQL Validation
  • graph-client
    • Performance improvements
    • Fix ESM build issues
  • graph-cli
    • Fix init command bugs
    • Improve tooling for management
      • Migrate to pnpm workspace - this will help us in future to migrate all other Graph Libraries in one place
      • Automated dependency updates - We have good testing suite (in future we will make it more robust). This will help us patch bugs faster with any underlying dependencies.
      • Automated Release process - Helps us ship releases faster and also gives us way to provide canary builds from pull requests to help test in isolation
    • Start TypeScript migration - This is a bigger project to simplify the code base. Working on large scale open source projects we have seen that TypeScript projects are easier for new contributors to contribute to. This also help avoid many bugs.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • graph-node
    • Finalize Nested Sorting and test out in staging
    • Work on rollout plan for introducing GraphQL Validations to the network
    • Relay style cursor pagination
      • Finalize generated schema changes
      • Work on resolver creation
  • graph-client
    • Performance improvements and fix any bugs
  • graph-cli
  • Build out a roadmap for Graph Tooling Task Force

Awesome update! @saihaj any plan to include counts when doing the relay pagination work? This would be huge.


For adding count that is something which has performance implications and we don’t want to bind that up with cursor pagination. Instead we will work with E&N team on aggregations and view only subgraph to power all different use cases which will also include count.


Sweet sounds good. Thanks!

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