This Month in Graph Indexing - August 2022 Edition

Announcing MIPs: The Graph’s Multi-Chain Incentivized Program

Two years after Mission Control and the initial testnet prior to the launch of The Graph Network, The Graph Foundation is pleased to announce the next incentivization program for Indexers: Migration Infrastructure Providers (MIPs). The MIPs program bootstraps Indexers to add support for new chains on the decentralized network, enabling migration of multi-chain subgraphs.

The MIPs program has allocated 0.75% of the GRT supply (50M GRT), with 0.5% to reward Indexers who contribute to bootstrapping the network and 0.25% allocated to migration grants for subgraph developers using multi-chain subgraphs. The program builds on the success of Mission Control, which introduced the first generation of Indexers to the network by accelerating network readiness and infrastructure.

By the end of Q1 2023, the hosted service for all network-supported chains will be sunset, so the MIPs program will work in parallel to subgraph migration efforts. At the conclusion of the program, Indexers should feel confident serving subgraphs on new chains added to The Graph Network. While MIPs participants must be Indexers, we welcome a new generation of Indexers who want to contribute to The Graph Network.

The MIPs program formally begins on September 20th, 2022, and concludes at the end of Q1 2023. Anyone interested in participating in the incentivized MIPs Program can apply here. The deadline for applications is Thursday, September 15th. All program participants will also need to complete a KYC and Indexer Agreement by Monday, September 19th.

Below is an overview of the new chain cycle of the MIPs program:

Learn more about the MIPs Program here:

First chain to make it to the Decentralized Protocol after Ethereum Mainnet is Gnosis Chain!

The first chain that will be supported on the decentralized network is Gnosis Chain! Formerly known as xDAI, Gnosis Chain is an EVM-based chain that will be the first to be supported on the network. Gnosis Chain was selected as the first given its user-friendliness of running nodes, Indexer readiness, alignment with The Graph and adoption within web3.

New chains will be announced throughout the MIPs program, based on Indexer readiness, demand, and community sentiment. Chains will firstly be supported on the testnet and, subsequently, a GIP will be passed to support that chain on mainnet. Indexers participating in the MIPs program will choose which chains they are interested in supporting and will earn rewards per chain, in addition to earning query fees and indexing rewards on the network for serving subgraphs. MIPs participants will be scored based on their performance, ability to serve network needs, and community support.

Indexers who intend to support Gnosis on The Graph Network should begin syncing their Gnosis Chain nodes now.

New Indexer stack release - v0.20.3

This month we’ve seen a new release of the indexer stack, fixing various bugs reported by the community and making our lives a little bit better overall with a handful of bugfixes.

What’s Changed

  • indexer-cli: indexing rule parser error catch by @hopeyen in #421
  • docs/network: Update recommended indexer component versions by @fordN in #438
  • docs/network: Update recommended graph-node version by @evaporei in #446
  • 0.27.0 update text as well as link by @azf20 in #462
  • README: Add graph explorer instructions to ‘Approving and Staking’ section by @fordN in #456
  • Shorten failure reason stored by @hopeyen in #454
  • indexer-common,indexer-agent: Include reason for actions being added to queue by @fordN in #461
  • indexer-cli: command to batch approve queued by @hopeyen in #463
  • Add ordering option for action queries by @hopeyen in #457
  • Indexer-common: Fix automatic rule creation upon confirmed action execution by @fordN in #470
  • indexer-common: allow 0 staked allocations by @hopeyen in #471
  • Set default for cost models plurals, add tests by @hopeyen in #465
  • indexer-agent: Fix cost models query helper function, use bytes32 ids by @fordN in #473

Check out the Full Changelog: [v0.20.2…v0.20.3](Comparing v0.20.2...v0.20.3 · graphprotocol/indexer · GitHub