This month in curation #18 | August 22

This month:

  • The MIPs program has been announced! The MIPs program has allocated 50M GRT to reward Indexers who contribute to bootstrapping the network and 25M GRT to migration grants for Subgraph Developers using multi-chain subgraphs.

  • The first chain to be supported on the Decentralized Network is Gnosis Chain.

  • Messari Expands Subgraph Utility and makes it easier to build apps and tooling on top of subgraphs.

  • The Graph Foundation Allocates Nearly $1M in Wave 6 of Grants.

The MIPs program has been announced!

  • The Graph Foundation has announced the next incentivization program for Indexers: Migration Infrastructure Providers (MIPs).

  • The MIPs program bootstraps Indexers to add support for new chains on the decentralized network, enabling migration of multi-chain subgraphs.

  • The Graph Network expanding multi-chain support is a historic step forward for the web3 ecosystem and the incentivized MIPs program prepares Indexers to reliably index and serve queries in a multi-chain environment.

  • The MIPs program has allocated 0.75% of the GRT supply (75M GRT), with 0.5% to reward Indexers who contribute to bootstrapping the network and 0.25% allocated to migration grants for subgraph developers using multi-chain subgraphs.

  • New chains will be announced throughout the MIPs program, based on Indexer readiness, demand, and community sentiment.

  • Read more about MIPs in the announcement blog post and the MIPs landing page.

Gnosis Chain to be supported on the Decentralized network.

  • The first chain, after Ethereum Mainnet, to be supported on the decentralized network is Gnosis Chain.

  • Every dApp, regardless of what chain it is built on, deserves decentralized and open APIs—ensuring decentralized access to blockchain data is crucial for building a robust, secure, and reliable web3.

  • Gnosis Chain was selected as the first given its user-friendliness of running nodes, Indexer readiness, alignment with The Graph and adoption within web3. Read more about the new chain cycle for adding support for new chains in the MIPs announcement blog post.

Messari Expands Subgraph Utility and makes it easier to build apps and tooling on top of subgraphs.

  • The Graph Foundation has awarded Messari a $12.5M grant to become the first Core Subgraph Developer.

    • Read the announcement blog post by Messari

    • Ryan Selkis from Messari held a great talk at Graph Day 2022: “Unlocking Web3’s Potential with Data" You can find the recording here. The playlist for Graph Day 2022 can be found here.

  • Messari is dedicating resources to subgraph development and data standards in web3. The Messari team will use this grant to grow their capabilities and continue driving towards the mission of open data via The Graph.

    • Messari’s work with subgraph development opens up a great depth of data to all web3 builders who want to work with high-quality, accurate, complex, and efficiently-designed subgraphs.

    • Messari’s subgraph standardization work saves developers and users a significant amount of time and effort. Data standardization also makes it far easier to build apps and tooling on top of subgraphs.

    • Messari has already deployed over 150 subgraphs. Make sure you check out their subgraph dashboard and GitHub repository

    • To learn more about how Messari continues to drive open source data standards and foster high-quality subgraph development in The Graph ecosystem, read this blog post by The Graph Foundation.

The Graph Foundation Allocates Nearly $1M in Wave 6 of Grants

  • It’s been a tremendous year so far for the growth of The Graph ecosystem. Since the launch of the grants program in 20221, over $12 million have been allocated in grants. In the same time period, The Graph ecosystem has welcomed five additional core devs.

  • The Graph Foundation is maintaining and nurturing this momentum by onboarding the next cohort of grantees: over $800,000 in Wave 6 grants has been allocated towards protocol improvements, providing support to dapps building with subgraphs, creating new tools, and growing the community!

  • This wave also marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in decentralization: The Graph Foundation is officially passing responsibility of community grants valued to the Graph AdvocatesDAO!

    • The Graph AdvocatesDAO will be serving community grants valued at $20,000 or under. Anyone can apply for a grant from the AdvocatesDAO, as long as it follows the DAO’s goals for community growth and is aligned with the DAO’s Charter
  • Another step bolstering decentralization is in the works: SubgraphDAO, a recently announced DAO supporting subgraph development. The SubgraphDAO will empower a community of subgraph developers, who aim to educate other subgraph developers and grow the pool of contributors who can work with dapps to help build out their subgraph needs. The DAO will also support subgraph migration, fund subgraph grants, and even maintain public goods subgraphs.

  • If you have ideas or if you’d like to receive support ahead of Wave 7, make sure to
    apply for a grant . The application portal is always open!

    • If you’re looking for ideas, the blogpost announcing wave six grants also outlines several focus areas that have been identified as high priority for more contributions from the community.
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