This Month in Graph Indexing - May 2022 Edition

:astronaut:t2: Graph Day :astronaut:t2:

On June 2nd is our Graph Day!

It’s taking place in the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, where hundreds, or even thousands of attendees will take part in the most amazing day, focused on web3, dapps, protocols, and the future of the internet. Hear from leading protocol and dapp developers as they showcase how the web3 community is pioneering brand new forms of human coordination. Inspiration from action-oriented talks will follow you all day long into an energetic evening of celebration, as the future of the web3 stack is unveiled.

Tickets are officially sold out. If you couldn’t get yours, fret not, you can still watch the livestream and be part of the magic, online, from the comfort of your couch! We’re kicking off June 2nd at 9am PST!

You can find more details about Graph Day on the landing page, as well as the schedule here. Make sure you set alerts in your calendars if you are interested in any topics (and I bet you are, otherwise why would you be reading this :slightly_smiling_face: newsletter). The times presented in the schedule are PST (Pacific Time)

:astronaut:t4: Graph Hack :astronaut:t4:

Between June 3rd and 5th, we are building web3 together!

Grow web3 and embody the spirit of decentralization by hacking at Graph Hack. This three-day hackathon starts immediately after Graph Day and unites developers, innovators, and creatives to build the future of the internet together.

Build the dapps of tomorrow, compete for bounties, and learn best practices from top developers in the space.

You can find more details about Graph Hack on the landing page, as well as the schedule here. Again, the times presented in the schedule are PST (Pacific Time).

Graph Hack bounties, hacker resources and refreshments are made possible thanks to the support of these sponsors:

PLATINUM - Coinbase, NEAR, Celo, Polygon, Figment

GOLD - Edge & Node, Decentraland, BNB Chain, Boba Network, Filecoin/IPFS, Multicoin, Nomad

SILVER - ETH Foundation, ODOS, Chainlink, Optimism, Fenbushi Capital, Avalanche, EPNS, Pastel, SKALE, P2P, DCG, Verida, Moonbeam

BRONZE - Connext, Aurora, Flux, Spruce ID,, IPOR, BAF, Transak, LivePeer, UMA, Fuse, ZKsync, Art Blocks, DataNexus, Ledger, Eden Network, Gnosis, Uniswap Grants, Messari, Anchorage, CoinFund, Project Galaxy, Harmony

There are over $400k in bounties for Graph hack, and you can check the bounty list here! Keep in mind though that the hackathon is an in-person event only.

:warning: You can still apply to hack! :warning:

Make sure you do it as soon as possible, though, as time is running out. Follow this link to apply:

Graph Hack Application Form

:astronaut:t2: Catch up on our Indexer Office Hours :astronaut:t2:

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Check out last month’s IOH agendas and sessions:

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:astronaut:t3: GRTiQ Podcasts to watch! :astronaut:t3:

Check out all the previous podcasts here:

GRTiQ Podcast | We Take Listeners Inside The Graph (GRT)

GRTiQ Podcast: 63 Abbey Titcomb

Today I’m speaking with Abbey Titcomb, Head of Community & Governance and Council Member at Radicle, a Web3 protocol that enables peer-to-peer and open-source software development. Abbey is also on the Board at Optimism, a low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain.

During our conversation, Abbey talks about how she got involved in crypto, what Radicle is and how it fits into Web3, some of her ideas about The Graph and how Radicle uses it, and the recent news about joining the board at Optimism.

Abbey also shares a lot of great insights on a broad range of topics, including design thinking, the open-source ethos, DAOs, and navigating the difference between Web2 and Web3.

GRTiQ Podcast: 64 Cami Ramos Garzon

Today I’m speaking with Cami Ramos Garzon. As you may already know, Cami recently joined Edge & Node, a Core Dev team working on The Graph, where she’ll be working alongside Nader Dabit, a former guest of the podcast, in the important role of developer relations.

If you’re active on Twitter or TikTok, then you likely already follow Cami and know about her move to Edge & Node. Cami is widely respected in the developer community and she also gained some early notice in The Graph ecosystem when she published a blog titled “The Complete Guide to Getting Started with The Graph” back in February.

During our discussion, Cami talked about her journey into tech, which included some time at PayPal and an incredible story of how she became one of the first dev rels there. We also talk about her role at Edge & Node, her vision for The Graph and Web3, and her inspiring non-profit work at STEMTank.

GRTiQ Podcast: 65 Vanessa Grellet

Today I’m speaking with Vanessa Grellet, Managing Partner at Aglaé Ventures, where she’ll help lead the efforts to invest in and scale Web3 companies. In fact, the big news of Vanessa’s move to Aglaé Ventures was announced just this week!

Vanessa is recognized as one of the most influential people in crypto and has held many important roles at notable firms, such as ConsenSys and CoinFund. She is also active in several industry organizations, including Blockchain for Social Impact.

During our discussion, Venessa covers many important topics, including her background in business and law, her perspective on the crypto adoption curve, her approach to due diligence and identifying Web3 projects to invest in, and her ideas about The Graph and the future of Web3.

GRTiQ Podcast: 66 Aya Kantorovich

Today I’m speaking with Aya Kantorovich, Head of Institutional Coverage at FalconX, a comprehensive digital asset platform that enables institutional investors to access and manage their crypto strategies in a single interface.

As you’re about to hear, Aya is truly brilliant and shares many incredible insights throughout the interview. During our conversation, Aya talks about her experience working in crypto, how Ethereum captured her interest and showed her what was possible in the space, her unique perspectives on institutional investors and how more and more of them are participating in crypto, and her long-term vision for Web3.

Aya was kind enough to begin the conversation with some observations and a general discussion related to recent market turbulence and the Luna and USDT headlines.

:astronaut:t5: The Index Podcasts to watch :astronaut:t5:

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Web3, the Power of DAOs and Transforming the Internet with Nik Kalyani

Web3’s Evolution and Twitter’s Decentralized Future with Avichal Garg

Inside Look at the Semantic Web, Future of AI, and Web3 with James Hendler

Wisdom Age and the Evolution of Society with Rhys Lindmark