Visibility to Graph Explorer UI Roadmap and Repository?

Hi all,

I see on the graph website that the graph explorer is “coming soon”, but otherwise, the roadmap and current behind that initiative seems very opaque. Is there more information available on current progress somewhere?

I am trying to get a project called “WorldGraph” off the ground. Its purpose is to be a sort of wikipedia for linked data. It will have collaborative editing, annotating, and data maintenance features.

If there is an open source, community driven effort to create a semantic knowledge explorer on top of TheGraph or some other indexing service, I would love to participate in that effort rather than duplicating efforts. Please let me know if there is a way to get involved or stay abreast of roadmap / intended direction :slight_smile:


Hi @jeffkhull this sounds super interesting. I have a lot of thoughts in this area but we’ve been focusing on the infrastructure before building up the stack. When it comes to product experiences like you’re describing, I think the best quality work is generally done by product teams, as opposed to public communities (though of course we believe in open source). Feel free to DM me on Discord and we can setup a time to discuss what you want to build. This could be a good opportunity for a grant from The Graph Foundation but if we talk first we can better align efforts.