WAGYU Tokenomic Details - Tenderize's Liquid Staking Utility/Governance Token

Hey guys,

Posted on here a couple weeks ago regarding the announcement of Tenderize V2 and just wanted to follow up with the announcement of the token tying the entire ecosystem together: WAGYU.

If this is your first time seeing Tenderize, here’s a quick TLDR:

  • Tenderize is a liquid staking platform available for GRT, MATIC, LPT, and later ETH/BNB.
  • V1 was different as we focused on allowing stakers to mint individual, delegator-specific LST’s (so instead of just Tenderize ETH/ tETH we have tETH1, tETH2, tETH3, etc. to represent each validator).
  • V2 builds on this by building a liquid staking-specific DEX and other products for a liquid staking ecosystem.
  • WAGYU, our token, aligns incentives and is key to a flywheel that always pushes for deeper and cheaper liquidity.

Twitter thread containing high level explanation as well as link to full blog piece is here: https://twitter.com/tenderize_me/status/1694382175632724198?s=20

thank you graphtronauts :slight_smile: