Where is my GRT tokens?

I followed the instructions on this page “Undelegating and Withdrawing GRT Tokens | The Graph Academy” but I no longer have my GRT tokens. Neither on metamask nor on Thegraph.com. I ask already metamask.

my adress : 0xbc879276f18b015220703d8956b33a3464321e93
ID transaction : 0x9f291c356b52228c0f55e971ca7b722150772e460580251700d595aa80fe0f37

Can you help me ??

Thank you

Sorry, traduction with google traduction

Hello Sir. Its appears you completed the first step of undelegation. Now you have to wait the 28 days for the thaw period. After that time elapses you then head back into the explorer under your indexer and you will find your wallet and withdrawal back to your wallet.