I cannot withdraw my GRT after undelegating five months ago

I delegated my GRT last December and undelegated it in April-2022. Now, I cannot seem to find it. It did not go back to the original Metamask wallet and I cannot find an address that contains the coins. I can supply all of the addresses and transactions involved if someone can help me. Here is the transaction hash for the original delegation: 0x392fb1f82eca1af1617c7e2a9cbcb6b59f281cedd8ae71c0e3667018593b20ff

Hi Blair, undelegation implies two actions, you first “undelegate”, wait for the 28 epochs, and then call “withdrawDelegation” to get them back to your wallet.

You can do that from the UI.

As Ariel mentioned, go to the indexer’s page and click on this:


When I go to the indexer’s page it no longer shows my coins and the “withdraw” button is grey-ed out. Previously, it showed my coins.

Yes, you haven’t withdrawn yet and this might be UI related, where the site may not recognize you as the owner of the wallet at that time you took the screenshot. Try a few things:

  • Disconnect your wallet on the Explorer and then reconnect with your delegation wallet. Try again
  • Close your browser and log in new to MM. Try again
  • Go to your delegator site (as opposed to the Indexer) on the Explorer and try to withdraw from there (scroll all the way to right and click the three dots) for p2p Indexer
  • If none of that works, try to manually withdraw tokens by connecting your wallet to Etherscan and perform the ‘withdrawDelegated’ function (#38) on the The Graph Proxy 2 contract. p2p Indexer address is: 0x5a8904be09625965d9aec4bffd30d853438a053e
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The third one worked! Thank you so much.


Great Stuff, thanks for sharing