20085434 thawing days left. Did anyone have such a problem?

I decided to undelegate my graph, waited for 28 days, and instead of withdrawal, the counter updated to 20085434 days. Is it a bug? How can I withdraw my graph?

Can you send me a DM with your Ethereum address?

Unfortunately I don’t have the rights to dm you, but here is my address:

From what I see in the contract state you should be able to withdraw on epoch 257, we are currently on epoch 256, that means in about 22 hours. You can check the epoch number here Graph Explorer

The days left must be a UI issue. Can you check if you are connected to mainnet with your wallet?

Thank you for the help! I will check again in 22 hours then.
Yes, I am connected to the mainnet as usual.

Now it correctly shows 11 hours. I think I understand where the UI glitch is. Basically, the problem appears only after the pre-last epoch, when the counter changes from 1 day to hours:minutes. Now, since the epoch duration is slightly greater than 1day (24 hours), for the time when counter hours:minutes is >24 hours, it shows the stuff that I have reported. When the time until withdrawal is <24 hours, UI works as it should.

Hi Ariel, hope you are well.

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Hope you are well. My Metamask wallet was compromised. the Thief has stolen all my tokens and in addition has undelegated GRT token. They are now in Thawing mode for 26 days. It is an unfortunate situation where my hard earned money is likely to be lost. Is there anything you can do to help. It would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to work with someone you suggest can help

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