Please Help w/ Withdrawing After Undelegating

I undelegated my tokens over 28 days ago. When I selected undelegate my MetaMask wallet opened and shows the undelegate transaction going from my ledger wallet to an unfamiliar address, that unfamiliar address is: 0xF55041E37E12cD407ad00CE2910B8269B01263b9 .


The receiving address cannot be changed in MetaMask. it only gave me one option, undelegated to this unfamiliar address, “0xF55041E37E12cD407ad00CE2910B8269B01263b9”. I undelegated. I have waited the 28 days and I am ready to withdraw, and now when I go to withdraw on The Graph Explorer it shows the exact same thing as the picture I attached above. It appears as though I am withdrawing my tokens to this unfamiliar wallet.

I don’t know if I overthinking things but shouldn’t the receiving address be my address? If I withdraw to this unfamiliar address will I lose my Graph tokens? Will it show back up on my ledger?

Never mind, I now realize this is normal and after confirming the transaction my Graph tokens went back into my Ledger wallet. What a relief.

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