Add Suport for Mode

About Mode

Mode is the DeFi layer 2 part of the Superchain. It’s built with the OP Stack and focused on rewarding users that help the network grow via new economic mechanisms. Mainnet is already live with currently 700M+ in TVL, 28M+ transactions, 560k addresses and less than 4 cents in transaction cost for users.

Mode’s been integrating with several big DeFi protocols such as Renzo, Velodrome or LogX. There are also native protocols that have shown great adoption and usage like Ionic or KIM. You can find more ecosystem partners in the ecosystem page.

Useful links to track Mode metrics are:

Official Mode links:

Contact Information

My name is Fede (Cryptofede), i’m head of DevRel at Mode and have been part of the team since early testnet days. I work across multiple areas within Mode in contact with the development team, BD, Growth, Marketing and more. Along with our solutions engineer and CTO, I’ve been following the integration and now looking to take a step further into this integration to unlock the full potential of The Graph for our partners and devs.

If you would like to contact me feel free to do so via telegram or twitter:

Graph Node integration

Mode is an EVM compatible chain same as all other OP stack chains.

RPC information: RPC | Mode Docs
Running a node: Node Operators | Mode Docs

If you are having any issues with the RPC or need more information, please feel free to reach out to me in telegram.

Integration with Subgraph Studio or alternatives

We can provide RPC endpoints for Subgraph Studio and keys, we’ll do it privately when stage 2 comes.

Indexer Documentation

Indexing on Mode should be the same as other OP chains.

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Hi, @cryptofede. Thanks so much for starting this thread here!

We’re adding Mode to the next batch of chains to have full protocol support now that it is supported in Subgraph Studio. As mentioned in other venues, this will involve testing and Indexer preparation (that the Foundation will take care of), and a final vote from the Graph Council. Altogether, this may take a few weeks, especially given we have a few on the backlog.

I’ll keep you posted! :+1:

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