Connecting with Indexer Community

We want to meet Indexers! This specific initiative is aimed at connecting with as many Indexers as we can and introducing more of them to the Delegator Community. Our overall mission is to provide market intelligence to the Delegator Community, and one way we hope to accomplish this is by making information about Indexers accessible and engaging for the Delegator Community. As examples, we hope to create original content, such as one-pager Indexer spotlights and Indexer interviews, that we can then share with Delegators.

If you are an Indexer and would be open to working starting a dialogue with us, please reach out.

Twitter: GRT_IQ

I’m always open to dialogue.

I’ve got a presentation thread on the forum and a profile on the graphportal community site.

Give me a ping if i can help you out some way.

We saw that! We also saw that another member tried something similar to what we are aiming to do.
Thank you for reaching out. We will take you up on that and reach back soon with some questions.

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Would you be willing to share an email with us? We want to send over some additional ideas. Perhaps you are not comfortable sharing your email here, so here is our’s: