Geo July 2023 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

We had a big month with features that significantly improve usability and speed of creating content. There are ~10 active editors who are productively creating content every day. I’m manually setting up onboarding calls with people for the time being to learn from the process and help direct people towards interesting goals. We’re going to wait until we have our Social features in before ramping up growth. For now we’re going to continue manually onboarding people and fine tuning the experience, targeting 20 active editors by the end of the month.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Added filters to tables. We can add multiple ANDed filters. By default we filter entities by space, but that filter can be deleted.
  • Added relation value types so we can constrain the types of results when adding relations
  • Added find or create so we can create new entities inline when looking for relations
  • Added search on mobile
  • Added pagination to scrolling history
  • Added ability to view diffs for published proposals
  • Added Date and Web URL types
  • Added spaces for Social Work, Construction, Education, Psychology, Software, News, and Cryptography spaces.
  • Great content is being added to the Education, Psychology, Software, and Cryptography spaces.
  • Held philosophy events and uploaded all claims into Geo for:
  • Held We :purple_heart: SF events on Workforce development, Conservatorship, Goals for different DAOs, and On ramps and off-ramps to homelessness.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • We’re getting started on social features. People will be able to create their own personal spaces, setup a LinkedIn style profile, and request to join a space.
  • We have a bunch of small improvements and bug fixes we’re cranking through
  • Continuing to onboard more experts and creating new spaces
  • Speaking at ETHCC
  • Record onboarding videos to make onboarding Editors easier
  • Refactor to File data sources and migrate to the network!
  • Want to start using Geo for use cases in The Graph ecosystem

Other notes

Places we would love to leverage Geo in The Graph ecosystem:

  • Tracking all projects in the crypto space (most of the way there!)
  • Track subgraphs for each project
  • Track substreams modules for each project
  • Track Indexers and related profiles
  • Start tracking roadmap
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