How to get refund from contract address to wallet address?

While following instructions to stake GRT to indexer, I accidentally sent my GRT to contract address. I see the transaction was successful on etherscan.

I have reached out for support to destination and source wallet customer support but since it was sent to contract address, nothing they can do.

Do you know if possible to send that transaction to wallet address?

.Hello, I invested in GRT, then transferred them through Metamask and delegated them to, after a while I saw that they were hanging there as a dead weight, not bringing any profit, and I canceled the delegation. Now that a month has passed, there are no GRT tokens in the Metamask wallet or on Would you be so kind as to tell me where to find them?

Go to your profile and withdraw your delegation from the indexer you delegated towards. The same process as wehn you undelegated.

I did it all, but I don’t have them in my wallet.

What’s your address?

Adress 0x41ad - 890e5f

Looking at your transactions, you did not withdraw your undelegated stake.

I delegated to the address 0x2c31 - 3b108f

Canceled what exactly?