Introducing New Council Members: Alexandre B. of StreamingFast & Mable J. of Stepn

As The Graph continues to expand in its robustness and capabilities, The Graph Council also continues to evolve as it leads technical and treasury decision making in the ecosystem.

When the Council was formed at network launch, it was incredibly important that governance was decentralized and stakeholder groups in the ecosystem were well represented. The Council currently consists of 10 members representing five stakeholder groups: Core Developers, Researchers, Users/Dapps, Indexers, and Supporters. With these five groups covered, The Graph Council ensures that it is making holistic decisions, encompassing expertise across the ecosystem in a very dynamic environment.

Today I’m excited to welcome two new members to the Council: Alexandre Bourget, CTO of StreamingFast, and Mable Jiang, Chief Revenue Officer at Stepn. Stepping down from being voting Council members are Yaniv Tal and Michael Anderson, making way for new contributors to support The Graph’s evolution. Alex and Mable join us with a plethora of experience and will be filling the Core Developer and Supporter seats. The new members were unanimously voted in by the current Council, and Alex and Mable have spent the last several weeks onboarding and getting involved with the ongoing technical upgrades and GIPs.

Alexandre Bourget and the StreamingFast team have been a driving force for improving performance on the network, most notably introducing a new architecture called Firehose and Substreams. These new streaming data sources on The Graph enable ~100x improvement in performance and can serve use cases such as balances, block explorers, and so much more! More substreams coming to the wild soon. These and many other contributions from StreamingFast align the team with The Graph’s long-term vision.

With Alexandre, StreamingFast is filling the Core Dev seat held by Yaniv Tal, Co-founder of The Graph and former CEO of Edge & Node. Undoubtedly Yaniv has had significant impact across the ecosystem, leading the protocol’s early development and vision. Yaniv continues to contribute to The Graph with Geo, a web3 browser and knowledge graph that aims to bring real-world data onto The Graph. Yaniv has served the past two years as a voting member and by Council decision he will continue participating as a non-voting, observing member.

Mable Jiang was previously a Partner at Multicoin Capital, an early supporter of The Graph. Mable recently became CRO at Stepn, one of the leading end-user dapps built on Solana. Mable’s experience ranges from go-to-market strategy and Asian community growth to capital markets and investing. Her efforts in multi-chain ecosystems also set her up for supporting The Graph on its mission to serve all of web3 and support all chains on the network.

Mable is filling the Supporter seat held by Michael Anderson, Co-founder of Framework Ventures. Michael was an early supporter of The Graph and a veteran in DeFi investing, being a leader and one of the first funds to support early-stage web3 projects. We greatly appreciate Michael’s support for The Graph ecosystem and are excited about Framework’s continued contributions as an Indexer.

We are thrilled to see The Graph Council continue to evolve as the protocol and ecosystem evolve and look forward to collaborating with the new Council members.


And what good is all of this if your scout is hacked and all your Graph tokens get unstaked ?