Introducing New Council Members: Chris W. of GraphOps & Julien G. of Unlock Protocol

I’m happy to announce that two new members will be joining The Graph Council! As you may already know, the Council presently consists of 10 members who represent five stakeholder groups within The Graph ecosystem: Core Developers, Researchers, Users/Dapps, Indexers, and Supporters. Having each of these five groups represented within the Council ensures that decisions are made with balanced consideration for key stakeholder groups contributing to the ecosystem.

The two new members to the Council are Chris Wessels, Founder at GraphOps, and Julien Genestoux, Founder and CEO at Unlock Protocol. Stepping down from the Council are Jim Cousins and Justin Moses. Both Chris and Julien bring deep expertise and industry experience to the Council and will be filling the Indexer and Supporter seats, respectively.

Chris Wessels is Founder at GraphOps, a core dev team at The Graph. Chris originally joined The Graph when he launched GraphOps as an Indexer during Mission Control. Since that time, Chris has expanded the team and evolved GraphOps into a core dev team. As a core dev, the GraphOps team focuses on the Indexer experience and, most recently, has contributed three new tools that promise to improve the Indexer tech stack. Prior to founding GraphOps, was a Technical Lead at ConsenSys and Co-founder and CTO at Paybase.

Chris is filling the Indexer seat, previously held by Jim Cousins, Founder of Wavefive. Jim has been a committed contributor and Indexer since before the network launched with his participation in the Mission Control Testnet. Jim’s contributions have been vast with his expertise across chains and functions and we look forward to seeing Jim continue to flourish in The Graph ecosystem as an Indexer.

Julien Genestoux is CEO and Founder at Unlock Protocol, which is building the web’s new business model by enabling new ways for creators to monetize their content through their decentralized, membership protocol. Prior to founding Unlock protocol, Julien was Lead Engineer at Medium, which he joined after selling his company Superfeedr to Medium. Superfeedr is a feed API that leverages open protocols like XMPP and WebSub to distribute content from RSS, Atom or JSON feeds in real-time. Julien was also an invited expert at W3C where he co-authored the WebSub W3C recommendation.

Julien is filling the seat of Justin Moses, CTO at Synthetix. Justin has been involved with The Graph as a user for several years and his perspective from the dapp and developer viewpoints have been invaluable. We greatly appreciate Justin’s support for The Graph ecosystem and are excited about his continued contributions in web3.

We are thrilled to welcome Chris and Julien and to see The Graph Council continue to evolve!