Introducing Sebastian Siemssen to The Graph Council

I am excited to share that Sebastian Siemssen has joined The Graph Council as a new member. Sebastian has studied Human Medicine at the Medical University in Vienna and found his way into the technology sector gaining broad development experience as a freelance contractor and software consultant for clients like Apple, Roche, Ringier Axel Springer and SwissCom, subsequently leading to a role as Head of Engineering at Amazee Labs. He is currently a Co-Founder and CTO of Avantgarde Finance.

Sebastian joins The Graph Council as a full stack software engineer with more than 15 years experience in different ecosystems and a passion for open source software and decentralized applications. Over the years, he has built a long track record of contributions to various open source projects. Sebastian has also been engaged in The Graph ecosystem since 2018 and gained deep experience of the protocol during this time.

At The Graph we have come to know Sebastian more by his online user name: Fubhy. He has been directly contributing to our ecosystem growth over the last years, most notably following the launch of Curation and decentralized mainnet. In Developer Highlights #2 he has provided deeper insights into building complex subgraphs and also shared direct user experience feedback following the mainnet launch which has helped shape the roadmap for future protocol enhancements.

We have learned about Fubhy’s educational and professional background in episode #22 of the GRTiQ podcast, where he also shared how important he views The Graph from a user perspective in web3: “We have changed the way we are building our smart contracts because of The Graph and it has made us ten times more productive”. I am thrilled that Fubhy has agreed to continue committing his time and talent to The Graph in the future. Please join me in welcoming him to The Graph Council!

Check out the following resources and social media info to connect with Fubhy.


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I worked with @fubhy on spec’ing the unit testing framework. He’s a great addition to the team!


Thrilled to have someone with such deep knowledge of the consumer experience of Graph on the Council. Welcome, @fubhy !