Problems with delegating Graph tokens

I transferred my graph tokens to my Metamask and then tried to delegate the tokens several times but everytime had issues. In first two attempts, it even consumed gas fees. I would highly appreciate if someone could help.
Thanks a lot in advance

Hello @sanesanyo , sorry to hear that. Check out the Delegator Hub at the Graph Academy which contains information on the process of delegating, including videos. Also note that there is a troubleshooting article at the bottom in the Miscellaneous section.

The Graph Delegator Knowledge Hub | The Graph Academy

If you have further issues with the process, I would recommend raising specific questions in discord, the indexers<>delegators channel is typically well monitored by others who can provide feedback. Good luck!

Thanks @ZorroZ01. I have followed the instructions as highlighted. In fact, in two instances I also paid ethereum gas fees but without any success with delegation. Any reason why I was charged gas fees even when I was not able to delegate??
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello. What does etherscan show?

You’ll get faster help in either the Discord server or Telegram group. Please join one of them, someone will probably help you troubleshoot in real time.