The Graph's Community Talk #8

Join The Graph Community Talk meeting to get all the latest updates from The Graph ecosystem and protocol, happening on Tuesday, February 22nd @ 8am PST.

We are covering a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and are providing you with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. The meeting will be held in the Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server. Tip: go to the Events channel at the top of the Discord server and set yourself a reminder for The Graph’s Community Talk.

This month’s discussion topics include:

  • Graph Advocates
    It’s finally here, the long anticipated Graph Advocates program launched earlier this month. Nick is going to present details of the program and an update on what to expect next with this initiative.

  • Grantee demo: Rawrshak
    @rawrshak is a gaming-focused NFT platform that empowers creators to deploy cross-game interoperable assets. The platform provides a decentralized end-to-end solution for traditional game developers who want to easily plug into a metaverse and we’ll have a live demo scheduled at Community Talk.

  • Community Updates
    Reddit AMAs … governance proposals in the pipeline … and more

  • ETHDenver
    DAOs and decentralization were major themes at ETHDenver this year. We’re gonna recap the highlights and are looking forward to hear from community members about their most memorable impressions.

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

You can find this and all other community events on the ecosystem calendar here and feel free to subscribe to the calendar to stay up-to-date on future events.

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In Community Talk #8 we learn about The Graph Advocates program, watch a grantee demo from Rawrshak, get a recap of ETHDenver and receive multiple community updates!

Topics Include:

  • The Graph Advocates
    • Advocate Roles
    • Questions
  • Grantee Spotlight: RawrShak
    • Challenges
    • Solution
  • ETHDenver
  • Community Updates
    • Reddit AMAs

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

The Graph Advocates (00:54)

The Graph Advocates launched on February 2nd, 2022! The community response to the launch of the program has been incredible, with The Graph Foundation receiving over one thousand applications! Thank you to the initial cohort of advocates who helped build and set the stage for the future Graph Advocates.

The Graph Advocates has a mission to cultivate The Graph community and grow web3. As an advocate you can take on one of six specific roles that address certain areas of growth in web3.

Event Evangelist

Host local events, attend regional events and participate in in-person or online community events.

Content Creator

Create content about web3 and The Graph, including articles, videos, infographics, memes or GIFs.

Text Translator

Translate The Graph and other community documentation, material and social posts into other languages.

Community Care

Post answers to questions or share educational resources in The Graph Forum, Telegram, Discord or Reddit.

Technical Teacher

Teach others how to actively participate and contribute in web3 and The Graph ecosystem.

Web 3 Welcomer

Accelerate greater education and adoption of web3 and The Graph throughout the world.


I’m from Ukraine, and I guess everyone knows what the political situation is in our country. Does this situation have an impact on whether I can participate in the advocacy program? – Kerborg

A lot of folks from Ukraine and that region applied for the advocates program… No, in direct answer to your question. The issues over there right now won’t impact the individuals in that region’s ability to participate. - Nick Hanson | The Graph Foundation

Next Steps

The Graph Foundation will be working closely with the initial advocate cohort to structure a system for application reviews. An email will be going out to applicants who have applied to give an outline of the next steps regarding their application!

To apply go to:

Grantee Demo: Rawrshak (14:33)

Rawrshak Gif

Rawrshak, a grantee, aims to solve problems in the blockchain gaming ecosystem! They hope to enable gamers through enabling cross game interoperable assets and building a sustainable and clean gaming ecosystem.


High Barrier to Entry

Blockchain gaming development currently has a high barrier to entry. Not only do developers need to know how to design games, but they also need to have smart contract development experience.

Missing Global Gaming Infrastructure

There are very little public blockchain SDK’s, libraries, or tooling for traditional public game engines like Unity or Unreal engine.


Play-to-earn is the prevalent model and is not ideal for single player story-based games. There is also a higher barrier for entry for gamers in this model.


Rawrshak aims to solve these challenges through:

    1. Public game engine libraries, tools and asset frameworks.
    1. Deployable smart contracts and decentralized infrastructure for easy blockchain integration by developers and content creators.
    1. A gaming focused NFT marketplace designed and optimized for game assets.
    1. Decentralized Applications for gamer and content creator specific workflows.

ETHDenver (28:07)

The Graph Protocol hosted a booth at ETHDenver! Lots of swag was given away and many convention-goers stopped by with questions about subgraph migration, grant questions and more. ETHDenver was a great learning experience with many chains represented at the conference and web3/decentralization being a huge focus point.

The next big event is Graph Day on June 2nd! Follow The Graph’s socials for further information.

Community Updates (33:11)

Reddit AMAs

The Graph has been hosting a series of AMAs from representatives of key network roles on Reddit!

Check out previous AMAs from:

Vince @ Nodeify – Indexer
Chris Ewing – Delegator
James – Curator & Delegator

More AMAs to come!

Choosing Indexers

There have been questions in the community about how to choose an indexer! Check out some of educational resources below that address this topic.

The Graph Academy
Graphtronauts App (Includes a pending rewards calculator!)

Be sure to reach out to the community for help; a Graph Advocate may stop by to give you some words of wisdom!

Emblem Feedback (49:14)

Emblem is a grantee that awards NFT badges for good on chain behavior or achievements. They are looking for feedback from the community on the project and badge design!

Check out the website!

Make sure to give them some feedback on their Discord!

Stay Tuned!

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