StreamingFast August 2023 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

Hey community. This last month has been steadily improving technology, perhaps with less bells and whistles. We are also heads down doing market discovery, figuring out how people use Substreams, what value they see in the technology and its different facets.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Good work has been done by the geth team on an Extended Tracer, in collaboration with our team, inspired by and designed to satisfy the Firehose requirements.
  • This work has been ported to Arbitrum, and we are releasing today a beta endpoint for the Arbitrum One network. See the docs.
  • Worked on pricing discovery, and unit economic model for a Substreams deployment. tldr: metered bytes read for Substreams, egress bytes for Firehose, is a first fitting model in our analysis.
  • Wrapped up a new Scheduler engine for Substreams. Announcement here: Substreams becomes even more performant! | by StreamingFast | Aug, 2023 | Medium tldr: 2.74x perfs improvements in some of our tests.
  • Upgrade to the firehose-solana stack, ported to firehose-core and updated Substreams.
  • Design and rollout of adoption metrics, tracking contributions to Substreams repostories on GitHub. Our goal here is to help stimulate efforts augmenting adoption of Substreams tech.
  • Welcomed Enol Alvarez as our new developer relations lead! Happy to have you on board Enol!
  • Merged a bunch of docs improvements.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • There’s still work to finalize Firehose integration into geth and have the Extended Tracer merged upstream.
  • Also, the work on Arbitrum needs to be merged upstream in collaboration with the Arbitrum team.
  • We will be looking into Optimism to port the same kind of work there.
  • Other work being planned and sorted out:
    • Research for new languages supported by Substreams
    • Prototype a postgres Deployable Unit, increasing the data services coverage of The Graph network.
    • Design of the portal/registry experience.
    • Discussions around an RPC Poller Extractor for Firehose, on chains where instrumentation is hard
    • Design discussions around IPFS/Arweave/Filecoin/URL resolver support in Substreams.