StreamingFast October 2023 Update

Quick hi to you all,

The past month has seen an accelerated pace of innovation at StreamingFast, and a few things are starting to come to fruition.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Some new updates to substreams CLI with a bunch of brewing features. We’re looking for early developer feedback on some of the alpha stuff therein.
  • That includes initial work on subservices/deployable units/substreams sinks (we’ll nail some naming conventions soon). See some changelogs.
  • Lots of improvements on the substreams-sink-postgres. It also was renamed to substreams-sink-sql to honor the fact it targets multiple databases now.
  • We have deployed the Holesky testnet in our infra
  • Continuing to work with Layer1 chains to bring Firehose to the whole planet.
  • Enol, our devrel, is present at ETH Rome, go meet with him!

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Will be shipping a new Substreams registry at (hang tight!)
  • Our focus is on develop adoption of the Substreams stack, and this includes simplifying all that we can at every layer (more code generation, better helpers and libraries, better sinks, more blockchains).
  • We’ll also be supporting the efforts to bring a world of data services to the network in every way that we can, in collaboration with Edge&Node.