StreamingFast November 2023 Update


Quick update on what shipped and what’s upcoming:

:tada: Looking back

  • Were present at ETH Rome and have met a stimulated crowd to use Substreams.
  • Working with Decentraland on their Substreams-based infra.
  • Presence at Messari Mainnet, pitching our view of a Shared Intelligence Layer built with Substreams. Can be viewed here:
  • Good collaboration with E&N on the future of Firehose and Substreams reaching the network, as the first streaming solution to reach payments in GRT, leveraging the TAP framework built by Semiotic Labs.
  • First release of and onboarding of different teams to help with the effort (big shoutout to The Guild and Pinax for helping out).
  • Lots of new content published, thanks to Enol, our famous devrel from Spain.
  • Solved issues around Solana’s Address Table Lookup, and unblocked our partners at TopLedger to allow them to build some much needed solutions over there.

:rocket: Looking ahead

  • More work on Substreams:SQL, which is a sort of newly branded substreams-sql-sink (renamed from substreams-postgres-sink).
    • Low-latency reorgs handling is about to land for PostgreSQL, with updates, deletes and row creations.
    • ClickHouse support already there
    • DBT integration
    • REST query integration, thanks to Semiotic’s extraction of their SQL front-end serving
  • More features to roll out in substreams alpha sink-serve and sink-deploy, as a new dev environment.
    • Soon, to be shippable remotely.
  • Work on Bitcoin is scheduled imminently.
  • Work on Arbitrum pre-nitro blocks started and should land soon.
  • RPC-based Firehose, to enable Flat files from the data people already know, and enable Substreams’s composability layer in the works, which should allow su to scale much faster to many more chains.