StreamingFast December 2023 Update

Hey all! We’ve had a good month of November here at StreamingFast. Here are some highlights:

:tada: Looking back

  • Shipped version 1 of the Substreams:SQL deployable unit. See the tutorial.
    • That followed our first release of the SQL sink and code-generation features to start with an ABI and ship an SQL data model in one swift. See the tutorial here.
  • We were present at EthGlobal and had many Substreams-specific submissions for the hackathon!
  • We shipped Arbitrum, and also backfilled pre-nitro blocks.
    • This was done using a new extraction technology that sucks data out of the RPC node instead of instrumenting it.
    • This method will allow us to go faster at rolling out new chains, at the expense of richer data.
  • We’ve made a few important refactors to the Firehose Core, and stream-lined the way we roll out new chains. Our goal is to accelerate the rollout of new protocols, and of multiple chains of the same protocol.
  • You can now upload your Substreams modules to using the Upload dialog. (First cut a GitHub release). Please upload everything you have! And notice the new image field of the package manifest section. Adding an image will show up in the registry.

Here are also a few posts we put out:

:rocket: Looking ahead

  • is going to get a beautification overhaul.
    • We’re also working with different teams to bring the Substreams GUI to the web (The Guild in particular)
  • We’ll be hosting The Graph’s 3rd Birthday Anniversary party at our office on December 18th:
  • Some good stuff brewing around Bitcoin (yes yes :slight_smile:). To be announced shortly.
  • Some captivating work on shipping LLMs to The Graph network. Stay tuned.
  • A few other things we’ll inform you in the beginning of the year, after our yearly review and strategic planning for next year.
    • Surely, lots of ambitious goals and exciting new technology.

Thanks for your constant support and cheering!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Amazing work here. StreamingFast has delivered a lot of new stuff recently to allow us to better index all the world’s blockchain data.

Pinax will be testing all these things your team has built.