The Graph Council - Meeting #5 Notes

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, The Graph Council held its 5th meeting.


Council Members (“Members”)

Michael Anderson
Jim Cousins
Yondon Fu
Gary Morris
Justin Moses
Spencer Noon
Santiago Palladino
Brandon Ramirez
Yaniv Tal
Kayvon Tehranian

The Graph Foundation
Eva Beylin, Director, The Graph Foundation (the “Foundation”)

Notetaker and Observers
Notetaker: Jeremy Sklaroff, Edge & Node Ventures, Inc. (“Edge & Node”)

Council Business
The meeting commenced at 11:00am PDT.


GIPs & Protocol Updates

A member provided an overview on GIPs undergoing the public review and comment period. The member described the Arbitration Charter and noted that it will depend on other GIPs, including one that will create a process by which the Council will determine the official implementation of Graph Node and its official features. This GIP will also specify that “minor” versions that are different than the one designated by the Council be backwards compatible with the official “major” version. Additional discussion will follow in future Council meetings and during Town Halls.

A member provided an update that the Foundation was able to secure audits for several minor protocol improvements, which are not expected to be controversial.

A member presented a parameter change necessary for ongoing testing of Vector and Scalar, given that the stability of certain Vector elements is still being improved. The parameter change only would let a single community participant send funds to the protocol through an external contract. The member noted that there would not be time to perform an audit on the parameter change.

The members discussed possible risks from implementing the unaudited code. A member stated that the primary risk would be to the funds provided by the community participant, given that it would be the sole user sending funds using the parameter change.

Finally, a member provided a technical update on the billing solution being considered as part of Gateway.

Council Charter

A member gave an update on the current state of the Council Charter and accompanying Foundation governing documents, with plans to socialize the updated Charter soon.

Core Dev Grants

A member gave an update on core dev grants currently being considered by the Foundation to support core protocol development.

Indexer Support Program

A member gave an update on support grants to certain indexers. The Foundation Director described the potential for the Foundation to use a DeFi protocol to enable small Indexer grants. The Council agreed to continue exploring a potential structure for Indexer grants.