Council Members for Delegators/Curators

Dear Edge & Node team, dear Graph community,

in December 2020, The Graph Council was inaugurated. It consists of 10 members that represent Indexers, Users, Researchers, Backers and Initial Team members.

As a delegator (and hopefully curator in the near future), I would like to ask the following: Which council members are representing community members and delegators/curators in the Council? From my understanding, Jim and Gary (Indexers) are the closest to representing delegators/curators in the Council at the moment.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know both of them as easily approachable and very active community members. So I’m pretty happy about having these two council members represent delegators and curators. Still, I am curious to know if there are any plans of including 2 community members in the Council that specifically represent the interests of delegators/curators?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this thread.


Great question, I would be particularly interested to hear @Brandon 's thoughts on this.


Thank you Jim for jumping in, it’s appreciated.

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Also interested in this. I had the same question when viewing the Graph Council inauguration page.


I’m not sure if myself and Jim would be more of a rep for that side of the ecosystem, than say, the reps for “Backers”, since i see those groups falling more under general ‘investor’ interests. Not that Indexers are excluded from that obviously. But while we’re obviously ‘investors’ too, we’re also on the opposite side of the market in some ways, compared to Delegators.

It’s in all our interests to make sure all interest groups have fair consideration though, but as above, I’m interested to see what the thoughts were when the original representation groups were formed. :ok_hand:t2:


Yep, seems to me like curator and delegator interests fall into multiple of the currently represented stakeholders, rather than one or two specific council members.

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Hey thanks for the question! The idea is that Curators would be represented by the Users stakeholder group and that Delegators would be represented by the Backers group.

Users are dApp/protocol teams that build subgraphs and depend on them in production. Their incentives are to have quality API’s and good quality of service. These are the same things Curators should be working towards. The User Council members are Justin at Synthetix and Kayvon at Foundation.

Backers are active token holders, many of which won’t be running nodes. Many of them participate as Delegators to help secure the network while earning a reward. The Backer council members are Michael at Framework and Spencer at Variant.


Thanks Yaniv for the clarification!