Know Your Indexer #1 | Payne from StakeSquid

In this first segment we bring Indexer Payne, one of our most active collaborators in the community, surely you already know him, but… How much do you know about Payne and why is he here?

We invite you to participate in the opening segment of the “Know Your Indexer!”. You can participate in the forum, ask your questions and learn more about your favorite Indexers, technical questions and what the people behind a node in The Graph think, participating is easy, you just have to follow these steps:

1. Ask your questions in this post by leaving a comment
2. The second comment will be updated with the “Highlighted Questions” (below this introduction)
3. You can review the other comments and see the answers directly from the Indexer
4. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and colleagues to learn about the exciting ecosystem of The Graph! :man_astronaut: :stars:


Link to the highlighted questions


I love this!

Might be a good idea to include the Indexer address as well.


amazing, thanks for your feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can you explain a bit of what your daily work as an indexer looks like? What types of maintenance and monitoring time commitment is running an indexer after the initial ramp up and setup? Is it a full time or a part time job?


What is your favorite part of being an indexer?


Where’d StakeSquid come from? Inquiring minds want to know.


what is the indexer address?


This should be included/linked with the index-profile of each indexer!

Where does the name Payne come from? :clown_face:


Hi Payne, I’d be interested in knowing what kind of technical setup and infrastructure you are using for your indexers. Are you an autodidact or do you have a background in this sector? (Please ignore if that’s too private!)

I think @Cole’s question about your daily work as an indexer is also extremely interesting.


I would like to know, what was his first experience with The Graph and what convinced him to try to do something like this ? :sunglasses:

I am also interested in knowing about your hardware setup.

I think its even better if there is a new category for Know Your Indexer. Easy to find info about indexers then.

Just wondering @indexer_payne if the Ox prefacing the indexer addresses has anything to do with Chinese New Year…hope it brings us all good fortune anyway!!! :ox:

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Haha :laughing: That’s a good one.

Btw, I’ll be answering all the questions once more more pile up, so keep them coming :sunglasses:


Hi guys,

did any of the indexer publish an indexer profitability calculation, illustration the overhead/expenses and profit.


Clearly a reference to Max Payne, which is your favorite title in the franchise?

p.s. thanks for doing this :smiley:

Perfect job! I love that!