Know Your Indexer #4 | P-OPS team

This week we introduce you on the stage of “Know Your Indexer!” the P-OPS team who are always actively helping the community in our different social network.

We invite you to participate in this open “Know Your Indexer!” segment. Ask as many questions as you like to find out who P-OPS is and why they decided to work in The Graph Network.

If you want to participate, follow the next steps:

1. Ask your questions in this post by leaving a comment
2. The second comment will be updated with the “Highlighted Questions” (below this introduction)
3. You can review the other comments and see the answers directly from the Indexer
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Visit their website
Address: 0x1a99dd7d916117a523f3ce6510dcfd6bceab11e7

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List of indexers who have participated

Thanks @ZuniM03 and Graph team for having us on this forum! :rocket:


Where’s that name coming from? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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What name you mean @indexer_payne ?

P-OPS, I mean, what does it signify, where did it come from? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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P-OPS? Its Pangaea Operations, we actually got that name from managing Pangaea testnet network, which was the first Harmony incentivised testnet, more than a year ago. A lot of history, joy, cries and laughter behind all of it hehe :slight_smile:


Love to hear that!!!

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:beer: We need a couple of these to tell all about that journey! :wink:


Thanks Zuni! Amazing :mechanical_arm:

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  • How did you discover Graph and what makes Graph special for you to run an Indexer?
  • What makes you stand out compared to other indexers?
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hey guys, could you describe yourself a bit and tell us why should we delegate to you ?

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Highlited Questions


1- How did you find out about blockchain?

JB273: I have an IT background (network and systems engineer) and actually blockchain got my attention in 2018 (just after the dump…). I like to look at it from my experience that I have built over the years…
mindstyle: I come from IT background too and I was already running my company at the time i first heard about the blockchain and Bitcoin, which was back in 2011. I was actually in touch with both founders of Bitstamp at that time, Nejc and Damian, but unfortunately did not believe in this technology at that time yet. Then in 2014 i slowly started to invest into the first projects, namely Stellar (Lumens) and built the first crypto exchange for some clients of my company. From then on i was hooked and started delving into blockchain more, eventually ending as a close community member in the Harmony network and now a member of several networks and projects in which i actively participate.


2- How did you discover Graph and what makes Graph special for you to run an Indexer?

P-OPS team: Since we were already running validators on Solana, we knew some other indexers that were also interested in The Graph. After that we decided to dive into the specifics, and after we were done, it was a clear and easy decision to participate. What makes The Graph special to us, is that most of the dApps that are being used today, are powered by The Graph’s currently hosted service, which will be replaced by the decentralised network (the indexers). They have found a product market fit from the start, and a good one in that, as all dApps need to be fed with data in order to operate fully. Besides that, it is chain agnostic, so by participating in The Graph network, you are basically participating in all the networks (such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot, Cosmos etc.). The use cases and possibilities are literally limitless!


3- Could you describe yourself a bit and tell us why should we delegate to you?

P-OPS team: We are members of the P-OPS Team (, website is being renewed as we speak) and originated from the Harmony (ONE) Pangaea initiative almost 2 years ago. We are basically blockchain enthusiasts and community members that got together as a team, helping each other while we support and participate in this exciting new blockchain venture. There are currently 8 of us from all over the world, so we basically cover all timezones, and act more as a DAO than a company. Collectively we have 25+ years of blockchain experience, and some of us have started as soon as in 2014.

Since we operate as a community, we put the community first. This is why we are really active within The Graph community, and especially in our own telegram group which is specifically designated to our delegators as well as others that are in need of help. Besides that we are with The Graph since the beginning of the testnet and were among top 10 indexers by performance. With the knowledge we have, and the coverage of all time zones, we are sure we can provide a good service to our delegators and to the clients that will be querying us!


4- If you have the opportunity between working on another platform or the graph. Which one would you choose and why?

P-OPS team: We love decentralisation and support numerous projects, but if we would really have to choose, we would choose The Graph, as it is a bet on all ch
Since we are with a team of community people we actually work on multiple projects at this moment. Why do we do this…, we love decentralized technology and are trying to support it as much as we can.


5- What is your main focus about participating in the network?

P-OPS team: Our main focus is to support the project and the network. Since we ourselves are a community, we are actively supporting and participating in decentralisation and decentralised governance. We also strive to provide the best possible service to our delegators and the Graph clients and will do our best to actively manage and scale our indexer for optimum performance.