The Graph’s Community Talk #4

Join The Graph Community Talk meeting to get all the latest updates from The Graph ecosystem and protocol, happening next Tuesday, October 19th @ 8am PST.

We are covering a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and are providing you with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. The meeting link is:
Launch Meeting - Zoom

This month’s discussion topics include:

  • Community updates
    Indexer survey launched … Graph events updates: Lisbon, NEARcon, Web Summit, Solana … a new, yet familiar person joining the Graph Foundation … and more

  • Meet the Indexer
    @richlaburn and Boyd from Index-Africa join us live at Community Talk for a Q&A session. @GRTIQ will take the lead moderating this segment. Don’t want to miss it. Join the discussions with your questions!

  • Curator Catalyst going public
    Our most active members in the Curator community have been regularly connecting since curation launch. They will now transform this to a public gathering inviting everyone in the community to join the discussions, think Indexer Office Hours for Curators. We will talk with @DataNexus about this new community event and what it is looking to accomplish!

  • Wave 3 RFP & Grants update
    Stay tuned

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

You can find this and all other community events on the ecosystem calendar here.

See you next week!



In this community call, a packed agenda explores protocol and governance updates, wave 3 grants and RFPs and an in-depth interview with Index Africa. Also, The Graph Foundation welcomes a familiar voice to the team.

Meeting Participants explore:

  • Nick Hanson Joins The Graph
  • Upcoming Events
    • LisCon
    • ETHLisbon
    • NearCon
    • WebSummit
    • Cosmos Community Conference
    • Solana Breakpoint
  • Indexer Survey
  • Curation Catalyst Group
  • Encode Club
  • Kubernetes Automation and Operations Toolkit
  • Governance Updates
    • The Firehose
    • Governance Process
    • Deploy & Signal
    • Reduce Curation Tax
  • Wave 3 Grants & RFPs
    • Poster
    • Curation Video Guides
    • Encode Club
  • Index Africa & DePhi

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

Nick Hanson Joins The Graph Foundation [2:11]

You might not recognize the name of the newest member of The Graph Foundation, but you’ll definitely recognize his voice! Nick Hanson, the host of the GRTiQ podcast, has joined The Graph Foundation fulltime and will build and deploy the advocates program. Let’s listen in:

Upcoming Events [6:38]

There are many upcoming crypto events where The Graph will have a presence. Take a look at the breakdown below!


  • Yaniv (Edge & Node) | Mainstage Wednesday 10AM
  • Aditi (Edge & Node) | Mainstage Wednesday 11:20AM


  • Yaniv (Edge & Node) | Opening Ceremony
  • Simon (Edge & Node) | Workshop


  • Adam (Edge & Node) | Mainstage Presentation
  • Leo (Edge & Node) | Workshop


  • Simon (Edge & Node) | Workshop

Cosmos Community Conference

  • Tegan (Edge & Node)
  • Joseph (Figment)

Solana Breakpoint

  • Tegan & Leo (Edge & Node)

If you attend any of the conferences stop by The Graph’s booth or be sure to follow along on The Graph’s twitter for ongoing conference updates!

Indexer Survey [9:41]

A survey for Indexers to provide feedback on the indexing experience is now open. The survey questions were created to get a deeper understanding of the Indexer experience in The Graph network and will give vision to a roadmap of the path forward. The survey will be open until November 15th!

Curation Catalyst Group [11:32]

The Curation Catalyst group will meet biweekly on Thursdays to discuss all things curation. These meetings are open to community members and will be a place for the discussion curation enhancement, governance suggestions and basic curation questions.

Encode Club [15:03]

Encode Club is a blockchain education platform that will be running “clubs” focused on The Graph network. This will introduce The Graph to 1000-2000 university students worldwide, covering broad topics such as an open data economy to refined topics like how to build subgraphs. The Graph hopes to collaborate with other university and networks in the future to educate more students and bring them to the Web3 space.

Kubernetes Automation and Operations Toolkit [17:30]

That’s a mouthful. In simple terms, the Kubernetes Automation and Operations toolkit – built by Chainstack – helps Indexers manage their stack. Using this toolkit, Indexers can go from zero deployed servers, to the whole indexer software suite deployed. It works directly with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. The toolkit was built as part of a grant offered by The Graph Foundation. In the future, a list of grant funded projects will be maintained so the community can follow their progress.

Governance Updates [20:13]

The Firehose

The Firehose has been integrated into graphnode! The Firehose is a new way to ingest blockchain data and will be used to integrate other chains in the future. The Firehose is undergoing early testing and updates on its progress will be shared in the forum.

Governance Process

An upcoming post on the forum will detail the full governance process. It will give all community members a better understanding from the life of governance proposal from start to finish.

Deploy & Signal

GGP-0005: Batch GNS transactions has been approved by The Graph Council and has been implemented in the protocol. This allows subgraph developers to deploy their subgraph and be the first to signal on it.

Reduce Curation Tax

The proposal to reduce the curation tax parameter from 2.5% to 1% will soon undergo a snapshot council vote. Curation tax can be burdensome for subgraph developers who are required to pay the tax on every upgrade due to exit and reentry of bonding curves.

The current tax rate is in place to discourage subgraph churn (leading to wasted indexer resources) and to prevent an economic attack referred to as the Subgraph Withholding attack. The current proposal focuses on lowering curation tax while preventing the Subgraph Withholding attack. An in-depth overview can be read here.

Wave 3 Grants & RFPs [29:47]

$1.5 million will be allocated to the funding of wave 3 RFPs and grants and over 35 grant recipients have been selected. While the team members that you see facilitate the core dev meetings and community calls contribute heavily to The Graph, there is a borderless and diverse community that works towards improving The Graph every day. A new batch of RFPs will be announced in the coming weeks! If you have any ideas for grants or RFPs please voice it in the forum.

Here are some project highlights that have been funded:


Poster is a decentralized, censorship resistant social media app that received a grant and will be powered by the app.

Curation Video Guides

This project will bring informational videos to the community focusing on the topic of curation.

Encode Club

Encode Club will introduce university students to The Graph through “clubs”, where members will discuss a range of topics focused on The Graph.

Index Africa & DePhi [35:36]

Nick Hanson, member of The Graph Foundation and host of the GRTiQ podcast, recently interviewed Rich Laburn and Boyd Varty of Index Africa, an Indexer operation based in South Africa that aims to educate and uplift future generations of rural Africans so that they can participate in the crypto economy.

Here we are at the cusp of innovation and technology in the Web3 space, and these things bumped together. What was the idea behind this reiteration of when unexpected thing come together, innovation is the outcome?

Another thing you’re doing is working with others to build Graphrica. What can you tell us about Graphrica and how to participate in it?

The idea behind Graphrica is to take Africa’s most sophisticated Web3 talent paired together, use The Graph Protocol, and see what can emerge from that in terms of ideas and innovations. What we did was set up a Discord channel. We really started to call out and build regional communities of people in West Africa, we’re working on find people in North Africa. We’ve got some relationships in East Africa and obviously we’ve got South Africa… We run weekly training for Web3 developers to understand how to use subgraphs, how to develop subgraphs and how the protocol works. We have Thursday meetings, which are more philosophical ideation discussions – we call them lean coffees – where people can participate by posing questions. We have 10-minute slots where we discuss these things. – Rich Laburn | Index Africa

Graphrica Discord channel

Stay Tuned!

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